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 Live / VoG 

One of my favourite jobs as a voiceover artist is being Voice of God (VoG) at live events. I voice music festivals, award ceremonies, gala dinners and parties. I was even once VoG in Liverpool Cathedral, which felt a bit wrong. These clips provide only a very a small window into the events and companies I'm lucky enough to voice with.  I love being in a live environment as anything can happen. When you are VoG you're part of a big team and the adrenaline is unparalleled. 

VoG work is live but for a snippet of what House Festival is like, please see their own video here.

Soho House Festival 2022

Lenny Henry.png

Sky Arts Red Carpet - Interviewing Sir Lenny Henry 

event live.png
House Festival Live.png

VoG for UK Hospitality Gala Dinner

My view as VoG at Soho House Festival

Backstage at Soho House Festival

VoG at Soho House Festival 2016

Live Adverts for Radio X Special Event

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