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Hello, I’m Kelly-Anne.  I’m a voiceover, writer and presenter with my own home studio. I’ve been working in this field for over 20-years and there is truly, never a dull day. I am the sponsorship voice across the Heart Radio Network, I present shows on BBC Radio and I write and voice continuity for numerous TV channels. I also narrate documentaries and have a particular love of nature docs. Additionally, I'm a fully qualified journalist.


I’ve interviewed many people throughout my career in both radio and television - from members of parliament on BBC Radio to Liam Gallagher at V Festival, and from a Eurovision ensemble in the host city to Will Smith and Jerry Bruckheimer about their films. I have been the Voice of God at the (Soho) House Festival since 2016, I'm the person who guides you around Sky Nature and I'm the calm voice on the British Airways adverts.


I’ve won awards including several Cannes Lions, Sony Awards and Arquiva Awards. I have a great home studio with ISDN, ipDTL, Source Connect and many other ways to record, and for you to direct - plus I live in Central London so it's easy to get to a studio of your choice.

Kelly-Anne Smith VoG
Quizzing with Kelly-Anne Smith, Matt Lucas and Gavin Inskip
Lenny Henry and Kelly-Anne Smith
Kelly-Anne Smith & Tim Arthur atBBC London
Maynard at Sky TV
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Kelly-Anne Smith & Kit Harington